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Today it is common to find air suspension systems on motorcycles, even as OEM equipment, but one of the forerunners in the market was Platinum Air Suspension. The Southern California based company has air ride systems for all Harley Davidson, Victory, Can-Am, Metric, Street Bikes, Boss Hoss, Indian and custom applications.

PLATINUM Air Suspension was founded by Oscar Sanchez when he began working on a custom bike project and developed his own air ride system. Such is the way of the motorcycle industry that others saw the work he’d done on his bike and the improved ride and asked him to work on their bikes too. So in 2004 Oscar went into business full-time building his air ride systems under the name of Platinum Air Suspension. As the company grew Oscar employed Mike Ferris on to take care of sales and assembly, in effect doubling the workforce and when in 2007 the opportunity to buy the business became available Mike took the step of becoming the owner rather than an employee. Under Mike’s control Platinum Air Suspension moved from Santa Fe Springs, added staff, and is now turning over almost a million dollars a year as it services 600 dealer worldwide with fitment options that cover not only H-D but also Victory, Indian, and Boss Hoss, but also metric and custom applications.

One of the company’s bestselling packages is its ‘Bleed Feed’ system, which the rider to control both ride height and rebound. The system is controlled by positive pressure at all times and can easily be adjusted at the flip of a switch for complete comfort for the rider’s weight or road conditions. The Bleed Feed system includes air cylinders machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, air-control valve, DOT- approved 1/4in line and fitting, plus switch harness, air compressor, hardware and line cutter.

The Bleed Feed is not the only system in the Platinum Air Suspension line-up as it also offers the Simple system, which features the same high-level of componentry as the Bleed Feed but does not offer rebound control. However, users are still able to control the ride height through pump and release pressure. The most popular of the Bleed Feed kits is the unit designed for use on FL Bagger models, and like all of Platinum’s offering there is a wide choice of finishes on the shocks. As standard there is the option of chrome, polished, powder coated or satin finishes and by special request powder coating in the specific color choice of the customer.

It could be argued that the wide range of choices made available by Mike for his customers is one of the reasons that he has been able to grow his market. Today Platinum Air suspension makes 80 percent of its sales to the domestic and Canadian markets with the balance being made up with exports with a particular emphasis on Australia, Germany and France, though Mike is keen to explore new markets and offers dealer direct sales, and while it has an online store the company prefers to retail via its dealers.

It is those dealers who are then able to benefit from the constant product development undertaken by Mike and his team at the manufacturing plant in Fullerton, California. While the business constantly monitors the changes made to bike models year-on-year by manufacturers in order to take in changes to schematics, specifications and even the necessary space for the onboard compressors, Platinum also offers a custom build service for when a stock application is not available or applicable.

It is not just individual customers that have taken advantage of Platinum Air Suspension’s custom program. Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation has tried various air ride systems over the years before it tried a Platinum kit. The team at Bagger Nation was so impressed with the system it received from Platinum that it now has it ‘Lay’d Out’ kits made specifically for it by Platinum. The exclusive design for Bagger Nation is the lowest traveling shock made by the company, and goes from 12.5in extended to 9.25in dropped offering 3in of travel. It is development work such as this that drives Platinum Air Suspension and has done for more than 10 years, and which gives an insight into how the company is set to continue to grow in the future as it expands its product line and international markets.

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Bleed Feed Motorcycle Air Suspension Technology

Platinum Air Suspension was started in 2003 to bring Quality, Value and Innovative Technology to hard-core Custom motorcycle riders. BLEED FEED TECHNOLOGY, developed by Platinum to be the industries best air suspension riding system. At Platinum we believe that your custom Motorcycle should have a custom ride and with Bleed Feed system you get that ride. Ride It The Way You Want.

Platinum took the technology that was used in the trucking & aircraft industry & applied it to the motorcycle air suspension market. This technology allows you to pressure (lift) & back pressure (ride height adjustment / rebound control).

This product will allow you to have a lowered look & comfortable ride at any desired ride height. Platinum is dedicated to manufacture a reliable & quality product that has been tested for the past 5yrs in the motorcycle industry. There is a BLEED FEED & SIMPLE system available for H-D / V-TWINS, METRIC CRUISERS & STREET BIKE applications.

Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, Victory, Indian, Suzuki, Yamaha, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Boss Hoss, Honda, or custom application we have the air ride system for you! Don't see something on our site, please give us a call to see what we can do for you.